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Government Of Assam Secretariat Administration Directorate of Archives

Archival Repository

Assam State Archives has an extensive collection of records covering the period from 1823 to 1979. All these records are classified and arranged by archival norms for better utilization by the administration and researchers.

The meta-data or the indices of some of the records (department and chronological wise) are available in pdf format for easy access by the users. 


Agriculture (1930-1957).pdf285.88 KBswf-image
Appointment (1920-1959).pdf158.39 KBswf-image
Appointment and Political (1912-1935).pdf1.11 MBswf-image
Assam Commissioner (1833-1919).pdf885.5 KBswf-image
Bengal Government Files(1788-1878).pdf129.15 KBswf-image
Board of Revenue, Govt. of Bengal Files(1774-1789).pdf68.81 KBswf-image
Chief Minister Secretariat (1943-1984).pdf452.66 KBswf-image
Civil Defence (1942-1947).pdf152.96 KBswf-image
Criminal (1920-1944).pdf60.86 KBswf-image
Dacca Commissioner's Files(1824-1862).pdf52.56 KBswf-image
Education (1920-1957).pdf459.05 KBswf-image
Files Received from Jorhat Deputy Commissioner office (1838-1969).pdf193.75 KBswf-image
Finance (1920-1957).pdf950.1 KBswf-image
Forest (1933-1967).pdf2.17 MBswf-image
General (1920-1935).pdf830.65 KBswf-image
General Administration (1926-1933).pdf66.58 KBswf-image
General And Judicial (1921-1935).pdf115.65 KBswf-image
Goalpara Papers (1867-1874).pdf67.8 KBswf-image
Home (1936-1939).pdf101.8 KBswf-image
Legal Remembrance (1922-1935).pdf269.32 KBswf-image
Legislative (1921-1957).pdf140.6 KBswf-image
Local Self Government (1934-1934).pdf64.97 KBswf-image
Medical (1929-1957).pdf242.21 KBswf-image
Miscellaneous (1920-1936).pdf144.39 KBswf-image
Planning and Development (1942-1964).pdf1.36 MBswf-image
Political (1920-1935).pdf804.83 KBswf-image
PWD (1920-1934).pdf456.33 KBswf-image
Relief and Rehabilitation (1943-1967).pdf908.99 KBswf-image
Steering Committee (1947-1959).pdf383.68 KBswf-image
Textile (1946-1964).pdf323.6 KBswf-image
Tribal Areas (1948-1961).pdf2.77 MBswf-image
Wards (1921-1939).pdf70.75 KBswf-image
Appellate (1920-1929).pdf118.11 KBswf-image
Revenue (1920-1957).pdf2.13 MBswf-image
Transport (1932-1958).pdf792.38 KBswf-image
Budget (1942-1962).pdf577.66 KBswf-image
Excise (1942-1967).pdf835.71 KBswf-image
Home Confidential (1924-1980).pdf1.14 MBswf-image
Rural Development (1935-1960).pdf797.28 KBswf-image
PASSPORT FILES (1920-1932) & (1936-1941).pdf501.58 KBswf-image
Industries(1919-1967).pdf553.6 KBswf-image