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Government Of Assam Secretariat Administration Directorate of Archives

What We Do

  • The Assam State Archive’s main objective is to receive, collect and classify all public records that come its way and ensure scientific preservation of the documented heritage of the State.

    The main functions of Assam State Archives are:

    • To collect, receive and classify all public records that come its way.
    • Appraisal and weeding of records.
    • Preparation of reference media like indices, summary lists, subject lists, Inventories, descriptive lists etc.
    • Repair of brittle and damaged records under different processes, such as lamination, full pasting, and mounting of maps etc.
    • Chemical treatment of records.
    • Binding/Re-binding of repaired records and maps.
    • Digitization of records.
    • Microfilming of records.
    • Advancing facilities to creating agencies, government departments, research scholars and bona fide members of the public for reference and research.
    • To encourage the scientific management, administration and conservation of records of entire state administration.
    • To encourage easy access to archival records.
    • To promote archival awareness among the public, researchers, scholars, private organizations and the academic institutions for proper care and use of our documented heritage.