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Government Of Assam Secretariat Administration Directorate of Archives

Public Awareness Programme

  • Assam State Archives, under the public awareness program, organizes programmes to promote archival awareness among the people. This is done to enrich knowledge of our own heritage. The programs are as follow:

    • Exhibitions.
    • Archives week celebrations.
    • Common man outreach programmes (Contact with School, College, University and other sister organization).
    • Organizing seminars and workshops.

    As per the guideline of the International Council of Archives, Assam State Archives celebrate Annual Archives Week every year in order to create archival awareness among the public in general and students and scholars in particular. During the Annual Archives Week, the students of various schools, colleges and sister organizations along with research scholars are invited to visit the archives to have a first-hand experience of the role of archival institutions in preserving the documentary heritage for posterity. Visitors are taken to the repository conservation and reprography unit to familiarize them with the functioning of the archives. During the week, Assam State Archives organizes exhibitions and display the important documents maps, photographs and rare books for the visitors.

    Assam State Archives have publications programmes for the scholars who include printing of annual souvenir and brochure complied by Assam State Archives, updated booklet "Assam State Archives- An Introduction", leaflets, pamphlets, etc. and also publish articles in print media. During the Archives week, seminars workshops and basic training programs are conducted among the students and other public to promote archival awareness about the importance and value of Archives.